Sri Yoga in Samsar(family)

Sri Yoga

Criteria of Shree/Shri/Sri Path

[the meaning of the Sanskrit words/exactly what do I mean to say with these terms ,are needed to be clarified. I shall try to do this latter]

1.Acceptance of SRI[rhythmic] Nairrit[chaos] in SRI/Shree[rhythmic] Mondol[sphere].

2.Acceptance of all creed & Colors

3.Stress Over Self Enlightenment, Respect & Self Control.

4.Continuous self practice for self revealing with daily life activity.

5.Efforts for Shree/SRI Sangha.

6.Spontaneous distribution of all Good & Bad Effects created by individual to all in ATMIC[SPIRITUAL],Mental & Physical level. And Uplifts by Generousness. No Capitalism.

7.The more you are higher the more you are simple. The more you are simple the more you will smile.

8.The Smile & Namaskar [SALUTE] these two are the weapons of good soul.

9.To help, to heal, to teach, to talk about the Widest, MINIMUM NEEDS for the self and his/her/their own family, Mostly self dedicated for the Nature, for the World then for Country and for the Society are the motto of SRI PEOPLES. Through this type of life journey they will reach to the KINGDOM of WISDOM[CHAITANYA/BODH/AATI MANAS/SUPRA MENTAL SPHERE]. For this GOAL common people comes in the World.

10.This is Universal, Spontaneous & Eternal. There is no bar of entry. Anybody, anytime can be a part of this SRI MONDOL. Because everything & Everywhere there is SRI in Behind. Only Acceptance from the mind [ MIND SET UP] & to follow THIS PATH IS EVERYTHING. All the Universe is filled up with SRI . So in every religion there is SRI & is within the SRI.

SriYoga Theories[Unification of the Universal Phenomena and INDIAN or BHARATIYA Philosophy in Yogic and Scientific View.]

1.The law of symmetry & asymmetry.

2.Law Of Equivalency

3.Fourth Dimension Of Truth(Sibsadhan's Sutram).

4.Saptarsi Kal(Sibsadhan's).

5.Tri Chakra Sutra.

6.Yaso Lokos.

7.The concept of healing .

8.Mass-Energy unity and the consciousness.'MASS=ENERGY=SOUL COMPLEX' or 'M=E=S COMPLEX' COONCEPT.

9. The concept of SRI/shree.

10. The vibration, sound, rhythm, heat and fire.

11. The Electro-Magnetic wave and THE SOM of The VEDA.

12.Anondo- Sutram.

13. Kolpo- Brikhasam.

14. Steps of creation of The Heaven.